Privacy Policy

The amount of trust that you place in us is very important to us as a company and this privacy policy is designed to be a comprehensive documentation of the data that we as a company collect from you the user and the way that we use that information.

Important Note:
Our privacy policy is subject to change without any prior notice. To ensure that you stay current with our privacy policy, please review this policy documentation periodically.

What are the information collected by us?

We mainly collect information from you under the following circumstances:

• You register on our site
• You use a specific service on our site that requires your personal information
• You buy or use our payment gateway to pay or subscribe to a service
• You post messages or comments on our site

In these cases, we may ask you to enter your personally verifiable information such as:

• Your name
• Your e-mail
• Your mailing address
• Your phone number
• Password (if manually enters).

While asking for your information, we will explicitly mention what details are necessary and what details are optional. You can skip the optional details but not the necessary details. It is possible that you use our site without giving us any of your personal information. In such a case, you will have to refrain from using the services of our site that require your personal details to be given to us.
We also collect some persona information by the use of cookies. For more info, please scroll down to the Cookies section.

What do we do with the information that we collect from you?

The information collected from you is used in any one or more of the following ways:
• To personalize the site as per your individual needs.
• To periodically improve our site based on the feedback given by you.
• To improve our customer support and service based on your feedback which helps us in effectively respond to service requests.
• To process transactions with the purpose of delivering a specific product or service to you the customer. None of the information will ever be sold, shared or transferred with any third party without the explicit and express consent of you the customer.
• To send out periodic emails and reminders to the customer about the services we provide and about any transactions made by the customer.
• To promote contests, surveys or other new site features.
• To resolve any disputes that may have happened with us.

How is your information safe with us?

Security of the data that you provide to us is of utmost importance to us and as such we implement and administer a variety of security measures to safeguard your personal information. Our security measures include directories protected with passwords, databases protected with passwords. Also, our servers do not store the details of your credit card details or social security numbers. They are used as a part of one time transaction action.

Cookie usage policy

We use cookies to help analyse the web page data flow, to measure the effectiveness of our services and to help you enter your password less frequently during a session. Our cookies also enable the site/service providers to recognize your browser.
Please note that while you can disable the usage of cookies on our site if your browser permits, it is generally not recommended to do so as it may adversely affect your experience with our site. Also note that some of our services make the usage of cookies mandatory and so you must refrain from using these services if you disable the usage of cookies on your browser.

Third party information sharing policy

We do not sell or trade your personally identifiable information to other third parties. However we may share some personal data with our trusted corporate entities to assist us in detecting and preventing malicious usage of our site and to facilitate joint services provided by multiple corporate entities. We will provide these information as long as they agree to keep this data confidential and ensure full security of the data.
We may also disclose personal information to law enforcement officials if ordered by a court of law, or to respond to a subpoena or to respond to any other legal process.

Other sites data collection policy

Our website may contain links to other websites who may collect personally identifiable information about you. We will not be held responsible for information collected or disclosed in this way.

Your implied consent

By using our website or the services thereof or by providing your personal information, you explicitly imply consent to the collection and use of the information provided by you as per the terms in the Privacy Policy